My very first blogpost….

keep calm and vote

Welcome to Words by Koko, *drum rolls* . Thank you for stopping by, I hope this blog becomes your blog of choice and I promise to keep you entertained and informed. Basically I would be focused on travel, lifestyle, weddings and anything I can throw in. If there is any topic you want to me to address don’t hesitate to let me know. This would be an exciting journey I promise you.

Right now in Nigeria, everyone is buzzing about the elections. Have you all gotten your Permanent Voters Cards? Are you voting and who is your candidate of choice? Please vote, say no to rigging and together a little step at a time we can build the Nigeria of our dreams.

Valentine day is this weekend, my prayer is may we all have a boo this valentine. If you have none please let me know maybe we fit organise something abi someone.

That’s all for now, please tell someone to tell someone to follow this blog and your life would never remain the same again. Amen!!!

Peace, love and cupcakes…